ScottE Hopson


       ScottE. Hopson, Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Percussionist/Good People/Humble/Quiet. Friends call him ScottE.Hop. The "E" is for Elvis, named after his father, Elvis Lee "skip" Hopson. ScottE comes from a place on Eastern Long Island, called Shinnecock,  in the town of Southampton, Ny. It's a place filled with culture and diversity, rich and poor, hard working and hardly working all in one. "We weren't rich and never set out to be. Everything was right there in front of me. There seemed like no other way to be. Those were the times!" says ScottE.

      ScottE is an individual. Ask him and he will say it's his practice. He lived in an old pink house, in a yellow room, with orange and red carpet. He learned how to play music in that house, whether it was listening to the old stereo system his dad had or playing on the guitar and drums that always just seemed to be laying around. ScottE says, "My father was a folk singer back in the day. He realized the power of music and passed it on to me. I played my first paid gig on the drums, at the age of 11, in a steel band my father was in. Music is in my blood, but I got my fire by playing in the dirt and running through the farm fields, free. Laying in the snow to hear the quiet, to feel my heart beat, to taste the gift of another breath. Thank you to my Mom, Dad and The Universe for that. I can enjoy the time, at the time."

      In his Song "At The Time", ScottE sings about a time where he felt like he had nothing to live for. He lived through that moment and learned it was time to reinvent who he was. He picked up a guitar and figured out the deeper meaning in words. He knows that someone out there needs his song. He always leaves a positive message to his fans.

      ScottE plays a mix of smooth acoustic classics and original music. He is looking to branch out and travel, to test the waters in other great cities, to find more people who get "it".



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